What microscope is used for cell culture - MSHOT inverted microscope
release time:2022-06-24

Cell culture refers to the process of growing cells in vitro. Cells typically adhere to the inside of a vessel or in 3D culture systems (eg, spheroids and organoids). The use of cells as a model system is an integral part of life science research, requiring regular use of light microscopy for cell confluency (percentage of vessel area covered by cells), cell counting, pathogen monitoring, and morphological assessment.



An ideal tool for cells culture

MSHOT Inverted Microscope MI52-N is a system specially designed for routine cell culture. It adopts LED light source with low phototoxicity, and can perform stain-free phase contrast observation of cultured cells in tall petri dishes or cylindrical flasks. The lighting system is fully considered. Heat dissipation and safety, the ergonomic design concept makes the operation convenient and the space wider.



Inverted microscope MI52-N

The inverted microscope MI52-N can perform microscopic observation on living cells and transparent liquid tissues, and can also perform dynamic microscopic observation on cultured tissues in petri dishes. Agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy and other sectors.


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