What microscope is used for water detection?
release time:2022-07-05

Microscopes play an irreplaceable role in water quality inspection and aquaculture production. Microscopes can quickly identify organisms, parasites, etc. in the water, so that patients can quickly detoxify.


Biological microscope is used in aquatic production 

The biological microscope is used more in aquatic production. The collected water sample is dropped on the glass slide with a dropper, then covered with a cover glass, and observed according to the use steps of the microscope.

Biological microscope ML41

This microscope is used to observe biological tissue slices or microbial stained slices, etc. The overall magnification of the microscope is 40x-1000x. The light source is added with a dual color temperature control function, which can switch between different color temperatures such as cold light and warm light with one key, to meet the needs of different customers for different color temperatures.


The ML41 adopts an infinity optical system, which can be directly upgraded to a fluorescence microscope with the Mshot LED fluorescence illuminator for fluorescence observation. Detachable mechanical stage, which can be upgraded to a motorized stage. The biological microscope ML41 can also be used in routine scientific research and medical fields such as pathology, inspection, and tissue biology.


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