Application of Mshot Biological Microscope in Guangxi Nationalities' University for experimental te
release time:2022-06-24

Microscope is an indispensable instrument in scientific research and experimental teaching. Without microscopes in scientific research, scientific research and teaching cannot be carried out. If the microscope is not used in the experimental teaching, the students will feel boring to learn, and the teaching effect will not be very good.



Biological microscope ML31

Guangxi Nationalities's University purchased Mshot Biological microscope ML31 in bulk for experimental teaching. This biological microscope can be connected to a microscope camera and used together with interactive software. It has a clear picture and a wealth of interactive means. The interaction of images and voices can be realized through a network computer.



An ideal tool for experimental teaching

Teachers can observe the microscope picture of each student in the classroom in real time on the computer, find out the problems in the experiment in time and guide the students to correct them.


Students can observe and operate on microscopic or macroscopic images through the student system.


Students can also take the initiative to ask teachers for help through the questioning system, and communicate and discuss with teachers, so that the communication between teachers and students is intuitive and effective.


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