MSHOT Inverted microscope facilitates cell observation at Lanzhou University School of Medicine
release time:2022-05-07

Cells are the basic units of the morphological structure and life activities of organisms. An organism is composed of numerous cells that perform different functions and have different shapes. Cells are so tiny that they can only be seen under a microscope, and they come in a variety of shapes.

Inverted microscope MI52-N

Lanzhou University School of Medicine needs a complete set of microscopic imaging solutions. It needs to be able to clearly observe cells and be equipped with an imaging system that can capture and save images and compare and analyze them. The MSHOT sales engineer recommended the inverted microscope MI52-N with the microscope camera MD50, which is easy to operate.



The inverted microscope MI52-N adopts an infinity optical system, which provides excellent optical performance. The ultra-long working distance concentrator system can be used to observe non-contamination cultured cells in tall petri dishes or cylindrical flasks. The lighting system fully considers heat dissipation, and the ergonomic design concept makes the operation convenient and the space wider.



MSHOT microscope CMOS camera MD50

With MSHOT microscope camera MD50, it can be connected to any standard trinocular biological microscope, stereo microscope, metallographic microscope, and take digital microscopic images. It has the advantages of high cost performance, good color reproduction, clear images, and convenient storage. , can be widely used in industrial quality control, teaching research, material analysis, clinical testing, machine vision and other fields.



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