Interesting world under MSHOT microscope - cell counting
release time:2022-05-07

When we conduct cell experiments, the number of cultured or digested cells is often calculated, and the most routine is cell counting. A common cell counting method is to stain cells, observe the state of cells manually under a microscope, and determine whether the cells are dead or alive, and then count them.


Biological Microscope ML31

Microscopic observation is the basic principle of cell counting. MSHOT Biological Microscope ML31 adopts infinity optical system, which can realize brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast multi-function microscopic observation. It is equipped with an external 1x digital camera C-mount adapter.



MSHOT microscope camera MSX1

With the MSHOT 10.0MP Microscope camera MSX1, the sample can be clearly captured. Microscope camera MSX1 adopts high-performance imaging chip and built-in MS series hardware ISP image processing sensor, which is specially optimized for microscope shooting scenes, accurately restores the fine structure and true color of the sample, and greatly improves the running speed of the camera through hardware acceleration. , pathological diagnosis, metallographic analysis and stereoscopic observation and other applications ideal tool.



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