5.0MP USB2.0 CMOS camera MD50

MD50 is a entry level microscope camera in USB2.0. With optimized white balance, more accuracy color reproduction and 32MB cache to store data, the camera is superior than traditional USB2.0 CMOS camera on speed and stability. It occupies less PC memory to achieve smooth working on low configuration PC, which is favorable to routine microscope applications. The camera work well with Directshow and TWAIN program, compatible SDK is affordable for secondary development.


  • 5.0 megapixels

  • 32Mb cache to store image data.

  • 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor with 1X~8X effective gain.

  • Exposure time long to 3000ms.

  • Support DirectShow / TWAIN and secondary development.

  • Can do measurement, count, multichannel synthesis etc.

  • Camera alluminum alloy shell with frosted treatment.

Area of application

  • Biological bright field slides

  • Education and teaching

  • Industry quality inspection

  • Material checking

  • Clinical examination

  • Dental

Item MD50
Resolution 5.0MP
Sensor 1/2.5 inch
Pixel size 2.2μm×2.2μm
Resolution and frame rate 2592×19447 FPS
2048×1536ROI):10.4 FPS
1280×960SUM):17.2 FPS
1280×960BIN):17.2 FPS
640×480SUM):26.7 FPS
640×480BIN):26.7 FPS
Any size of ROI
Exposure time 59us 3s
Effective gain 1X~8X
Spectral range 380nm 650nm
Exposure mode Electronic rolling shutter
A / D convert 8Bit
Exposure function Manual/ Auto/ Area
White balance Auto/ One push/ Area
Image format TIF,BMP,JPG,RAW
Image cache 32MB
Software data DirectShow / TWAIN
Operation system Windows XP;Windows 7/8/10 32/64Bit
Data port USB2.0 B type480Mb/s
Power supply USB 5V power onwork1Wstandby0.45W
Working distance Working temperature050, humidity10%90%RHno condensation
Power supply USB 5V
Working distance Working temperature :0~50 ,Working humidity10%90%RH
Shell size Ø76*62mm

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