MSHOT inverted microscope for Covid-19 vaccine cell observation
release time:2022-02-09

MSHOT inverted microscope for Covid-19 vaccine cell observation 

          The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread, and the epidemic situation remains severe. Vaccination is the key to preventing and controlling the epidemic. 


· inactivated vaccine relies on Vero cell culture

           Vaccine producers need specialized biological microscopes to observe the state of Vero cells cultured within the reactor microcarriers. Using physical and chemical methods such as β-propiolactone or formaldehyde to kill the intact pathogenic microorganisms that have been artificially cultured in large quantities, so that they lose infectivity and toxicity and maintain immunogenicity to make a vaccine.



           The development of Covid-19 vaccines is inseparable from the in-depth exploration of scientific researchers, and it is also inseparable from the support of high-precision equipment for the vaccine preparation process. Next, let's get to know the "hero" used by researchers - the inverted biological microscope.



·MSHOT inverted microscope for vaccine cell observation

           MSHOT inverted biological microscope MI52-N can not only observe living cells and transparent liquid tissues, but also perform dynamic microscopic observation of cultured tissues in petri dishes. It can be used in scientific research institutes, universities, medical and health care, inspection Quarantine, agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy industries.



           The inverted microscope MI52-N adopts an ultra-long working distance condensing system to observe non-contaminated cultured cells in tall petri dishes or cylindrical flasks. The lighting system fully considers heat dissipation, and the ergonomic design concept makes the operation convenient.


            The inverted microscope MI52-N  is capable of bright field observation and phase contrast observation, and can be upgraded to a fluorescent microscope.



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