MSHOT microscope camera for bone marrow cytology
release time:2022-02-09

          Morphological examination of bone marrow cells, also known as bone marrow examination, refers to the examination of the morphology and number of cells in the bone marrow using microscopes or automated instruments.


          Why do a bone marrow test?


          Bone marrow is the main hematopoietic organ. Bone marrow examination can diagnose a variety of diseases, especially blood diseases as well as non-hematological diseases.



          Bone marrow examination can find out:

  • Hyperplasia of hematopoietic tissue in the bone marrow

  • Changes in normal bone marrow cellularity

  • Abnormal cells

  • Bone marrow examination plays an important role in the diagnosis of clinical diseases, observation of curative effect, and judgment of prognosis

  • For the diagnosis of blood diseases, the bone marrow smear test is the first choice, which cannot be replaced by other test methods.


          Scientific-grade microscope camera MSX2 adopts a large target surface high-performance imaging sensor, and is designed with a USB3.0 data transmission interface. It has the characteristics of high resolution, accurate color reproduction and high sensitivity. Its excellent color performance is ideal for liquid-based cell analysis, immunohistochemistry It is an ideal tool for pathological diagnosis with high color requirements, such as bone marrow cell analysis.

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