Nikon E200 Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging Solutions
release time:2021-01-29

Nikon Eclipse E200 is an routine biological microscope with top quality biological optimal performance in educational level.  It featured with Nikon CFI60 optics and LED illumination, high effeciency to use and durable. Considering the excellent optical quality and cost effective budget, users are willing to do fluorescence extenstion based on it to achieve multi functional for student using purpose.


The Nikon CFI60 optics belong toa infinity optical system, it fits to add attachment directly between observation tubeand nosepise. MSHOT fluorescence micorscope illuminator MF-BGU-LED is special desinged to routine biological microscope, extend the Nikon E200 to epi fluorescence functional with blue, green, violet and UV excitation filters, and make sure its original bright field optical quality. Even take safety and high efficieny laboratory work into consideration, the MSHOT fluorescence illuminator takes usae of build-in LED lamp as light source. One hand, it protect users from mercury's harmful and damage when operating on fluorescence microscope, on the other hand, the LED lamp is hundred times longer working life and mercury lamp, help save budget for long time using, also time and knowledge to interchange mercury lamp.


After upgrading the Nikon E200 to epi fluorescence, If the Nikon E200 is trinocular head, a high cost effective microscope camera is necessary,becausue the microscope now can do biological and epi fluorescence at the same time. High clarity and superior color is always request to biological slides, for fluorescence, high sensitivity and repid speed is required.


Beside LED fluorescence illuminator, MSHOT microscope camera MS60 is ideal for routine microscope application both of bright field and fluorescence. The MS60 has a high quality sCMOS sensor to provide high clarity image, featured with USB3.0 port, build to fast and stable with 30fps. Use with MSHOT professional digital imaging software for microscope application, the color reproduction is quite nature and vivid even fine details.




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