Stereo microscope Fluorescence illumination solution
release time:2021-01-29
Stereo microscope also is called dissecting microscope is lower zoom magnification times compared with other type microscopes, it is suitable for whole sample observation (stereo science) such as zebrafish, drosophila, c.elegans, plant seeds, eggs, embyros, and etc. Depending on that feature, it is easier to choose objectives and microscope configuration. Expanding on the basis of stereo microscope to make it functional with fluorescence imaging function, the most basic configuration is

* Stereo microscope
* Fluorescence illuminator (attachment)
* C-mount adapter
* Microscope camera


Olympus Macro zoom stereo microscope for bright fluorescence

The theory of fluorescence is some object lighting under short wavelength light which has high
energy, will be excited out longer wavelength light, the light shows bright fluorescence color. In most cases, the sample of interest is labeled with fluorescence dyes and then illuminated through objective by high energy light lighting from fluorescence illuminator.

Image from Researchgate uploaded by Simon Gregersen

Mercury lighting and LED lighting are two normal illuminator for fluorescence microscope application. Those two illuminator has different advantage and weakness, while considering universality of stereo fluorescence observation, user safety and experience, environmental protection and cost, LED lighting is more popular.Mostly known brand stereo fluorescence microscopes are two German brands (Zeiss and Leica), another two Japan brands (Olympus and Nikon), they are expensive and therefore workers at lab or facility often share one stereo fluorescence microscope.
Micro-shot company has designed Mshot brand LED fluorescence illuminator, a less expensive alternative solution which maintain high quality and allow to use of existing stereo microscope  for stereo fluorescence. To get more information on upgrading your existing stereo microscope to fluorescence microscope, welcome to contact us.

Mshot MZX-BG-LED stereo fluorescence illuminator

* One-stop solution with all accessories needed for stereo fluorescence
* Blue and green two exciting light for mostly used fluorescence dyes GFP, TRITC, PI and autofluorescence.
* Only three steps to install and use: Take off microscope head - put on Mshot illuminator on microscope body - put microscope head above on illuminator and fix screw
* Open and close in time, sufficient and safety to laboratory work
* Freely move from different fluorescence observation and bright field observation
With 15 years company history, Micro-shot has serviced for many stereo microscope fluorescence needed customer on upgrading their existing stereo microscope to fluorescence.
Olympus SZX7 stereo microscope
Mshot MZX-BG-LED fluorescence illuminator
Mshot microscope camera for fluorescence
                                     Drosophila egg (GFP)                                                           Drosophila (GFP)                                                                    Mice         
                                           C.elegans (GFP)                                                                      Embryo                                                              Seed screening
Olympus SZX10 stereo microscope
Fish - Zebrash-Egg
                                                         Fish                                                                        Zebra fish (GFP)                                                            Egg (GFP)                  

Zeiss Discovery V8 stereo microscope
Upgrade to stereo fluorescence
Leica M8 stereo microscope
Upgrade to stereofluorescence

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