Upgrade Olympus CX23 Microscope to Fluorescent
release time:2021-01-29

Laboratory CIDE has many reasearch subjects related to researching under fluorescent microscope. In order to acheive convinience laboratory routine work, a flexible optical microscope solution is required. 

The CIDE required to observe objective stained by FITC and Acridine orange, take photo to record their expriment result on PC also. A new epi fluorescent microscope in Olympus,Nikon or other famous brand is high cost. Scientists prefer better solution while in well known brand microscopes. Most of users are very farmilar with Olympus microscope. CX23 as the latest biological microscope, it is popular to laboratories. Upgrading it with a fluorescent illumination is a favorable choice.

Micro-shot company is professional at upgarde Olympus microscope to fluorescent functional, it's MSHOT LED fluorescent attachment is well fit to Olympus microscope. With blue and green excitation wavelengths, users can observe fluorescent from FITC and Acridine orange. 

CIDE laboratory has a well study of the LED fluorescent illumination, finally get a satisfied microscope solution for their fluorescent needs. The solution upgrade Olympus CX23 microscope to fluorescent functional by MSHOT MF-BG-LED fluorescent attachment, add with MSHOT MS60 microscope camera and professional microscope imaging software. 

Data sheet of MF-BG-LED fluorescent illumination
LED light source LED lighting central wavelength Excitation filter wavelength Dichroic mirror wavelength Emission filter wavelength
Blue 475nm   460-490nm >500nm >510nm
Green 530nm  510-550nm  >570nm >590nm


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