Leica biological micrsocope fluorescence upgrading solution
release time:2021-01-29
Leica bright field microscope mainly has items DM500, DM750, DM1000 and DM2000. The DM500 and DM750 is light microscope for education, biology, medical and life science. And DM1000 and DM2000 are tend to research purpose. With Mshot LED fluorescence attachment ,the microscope can be easily upgrade to fluorescence functional in a cost-sufficient way.
Mshot LED fluorescence attachment

The upgrading maintains Leica microscope construction and features, and considering easy and safety operation. LED fluorescence illumination is a compact unit eliminating pre-heating and cooling waiting period, no need to change bulb, and pre-centered, the LED has long working life over 5000 hours. That bring users easy and safety using experience. Build up and use a fluorescence microscope is no longer complex to new users.

Fluorescence options:
*Blue LED - 460nm~490nm:  FITC/GFP
*Royal blue LED- 420nm~480nm: Tuberculosis with Auramin O
*Green LED- 510nm~530nm/540~580nm
Option 1 - PI, auto-fluorescence
Option 2: TRITC/mCherry/TexasRed/Rhodamine
*UV LED -330~380nm: DAPI
Upgraded Leica LED fluorescence microscope applications:
*Tuberculosis - Auramin O stained
*Fungis - auto-fluorescence
*Sperm slide - FITC /Rhodamine stained
*Neuro slide - FITC /TRITC /DAPI stained
*Cryptosporidium oocysts - Auto- fluorescence / FITC/DAPI
*Indirect immunofluorescence
Upgraded Leica DM750 fluorescence microscope (binocular and trincoular)
Single fluorescence excitation mode
Upgraded Leica DM750 fluorescence microscope _three color excitation
Upgraded Leica DM500 fluorescence microscope _single color excitation

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