Leeds University Zeiss PrimoStar fluorescence upgrading
release time:2021-01-29

Leeds University is one of the largest higher education institutions in UK, it has long history since year of 1904. The university looks important of the quality of teaching and research. Their teaching labs are always in well order and advanced.

Last year, Leeds University had plan to get bulk quantity of teaching microscopes for their lab, they chose Zeiss PrimoStar. To improve learning experience, they raised needs of upgrading Zeiss PrimoStar to fluorescence system. It has 50 sets PrimoStar in total, because limited budget and product safety, the university has to upgrade all microscopes step by step. Currently they have finished 30 sets microscope upgrading with Mshot LED fluorescence illumination in three color excitation mode.
The Mshot LED fluorescence illumination is an advanced compact attachment offers light source and filter sets in one unit, it does not need to change PrimoStar original microscope constructure or parts, quite easy for users to finish installation. The Mshot LED illumination eliminates pre-heating and cooling waiting period of illumination, plug and open to use, free move from bright field transmitted lighting to different color epi-fluorescence illumination. What is more, it is pre-centraled, no bulb change needs, LED bulb working life over 5000 hours. Considering economic, the LED illumination offers blue, green and UV three different excitation wavelength, that meets laboratory teaching work needs with different samples. Advantages of LED fluorescence system makes it idea for safety laboratory teaching.

Zeiss PrimoStar upgraded to LED fluorescence system by
Mshot MF-BGU-LED fluorescence illumination

Zeiss PrimoStar fluorescence microscope single color excitation

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