Mshot Inverted Fluorescence Illuminator to Upgrade Olympus CKX41
release time:2022-07-05

Ordinary biological microscopes with infinity optical systems can be upgraded to fluorescence microscopes by adding a fluorescence module accessory to realize fluorescence observation. The mercury light source is not only large in size, but also generates high heat. For microscopes without a reserved light box position, it will greatly affect the user's operation. In order to meet users' upgrade needs, Mshot has launched a fluorescent illuminator with LED light source, which integrates multiple channels of light sources and excitation filters in a compact module, allowing users to meet the needs of multi-channel fluorescence observation such as BGU. The Mshot inverted fluorescence illuminator helps customers upgrade their Olympus CKX41 to a fluorescence microscope.


Upgrade the original microscope to a fluorescence microscope 

In order to make the old microscope system more functional, Mshot inverted fluorescence module to upgrade the Olympus CKX41 microscope, upgrade the original microscope to a fluorescence microscope. With LED light source, the LED fluorescent light source requires no alignment and no bulb replacement, so installation is very easy. The system can work continuously for tens of thousands of hours without pollution and with very low energy consumption. Therefore, many customers use this low-cost way to expand the application range of old microscopes.


Mshot inverted fluorescence illuminator

The Mshot inverted fluorescence illuminator is a three-color three-channel structure design. The standard configuration is three large-field fluorescence channels and one brightfield channel. The switching of the bands is stable and smooth. Users can freely choose the fluorescence band according to their needs. The illuminator adopts LED cold light source. Based on the design concept of simplified appearance and easy operation, the illuminator integrates the driving power supply, the LED excitation light source and the fluorescent filter.



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