MSHOT Inverted phase contrast microscope for cell growth observation
release time:2022-03-07

MSHOT Inverted phase contrast microscope for cell growth observation

     The routine observation of cultured cells includes: the color and transparency of the culture medium/cell morphological changes/cell contamination observation and prevention/cell growth status. The Peking University Medical Industrial Park needs to use a phase contrast microscope to observe the growth of cells.

     Using a phase contrast microscope, the optical path difference of the visible light passing through the specimen is converted into an amplitude difference, thereby improving the contrast between various structures and making various structures clearly visible.



     MSHOT inverted microscope MI52-N adopts ultra-long working distance condensing system, which can observe non-contamination cultured cells in tall petri dishes or cylindrical flasks. The lighting system fully considers heat dissipation, and the ergonomic design concept makes operation convenient and space-saving, wider.


     MI52-N can clearly observe colorless and transparent living specimens by phase contrast observation, and the contrast can be enhanced by using a phase contrast plate. This is due to the fact that there are light-absorbing substances in some areas of the phase plate, through which a new optical path difference is added between the deflected rays, which "exaggerates" the phase difference caused by different densities of the sample, and the latter two groups of rays converge through the lens. In a bundle, the interference phenomenon that superimposes or cancels each other occurs, thereby showing the difference between light and dark that is clearly visible to the naked eye.

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