MSHOT microscope camera for cell section observation
release time:2022-03-08

Observation of cell slices

Cells are the basic units that make up most of currently known life (excluding viruses) and are called the foundations of life. A customer needs a set of microscope cameras to work with the Olympus biological microscope for observation of cell slices in the laboratory department. The image is required to be clear, the preview is required to be smooth, and the color reproduction is required to be good.



Microscope camera MSX2

The microscope camera MSX2 is a 12.5-megapixel digital camera developed by MSHOT. It adopts a 1-inch large target surface high-performance imaging sensor, and is designed with a USB3.0 data transmission interface. It has the characteristics of high resolution, accurate color reproduction and high sensitivity. The frame rate is 15fps, and the high frame rate mode can reach 57fps. Its color performance is very suitable for cell slice observation.



An ideal tool for pathological diagnosis

The microscope camera MSX2 has excellent performance in color reproduction, and is an ideal tool for pathological diagnosis with high color requirements, such as liquid-based cell analysis, immunohistochemistry, and bone marrow cell analysis. In addition, it also has excellent performance in bright and dark field, phase contrast, polarized light, DIC, fluorescence imaging and other observation methods.


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