Let's use an inverted microscope to see the true face of the mites
release time:2022-01-04

     Inverted microscopes are mostly used to observe live cells, but in fact, inverted microscopes can also be used as biological microscopes. Today we will use MSHOT MI52-N to show you what mites look like.


     Everyone knows about mites, but they have never seen them. Because the mites are only 100-200 microns, they are invisible to the naked eye and need to be magnified under a microscope to find them.



     Today we will take a look at the mites under the MSHOT inverted microscope MI52-N:



     The mites under the inverted microscope MI52-N are clearly visible. It can not only observe living cells, transparent liquid tissues, but also dynamic microscopic observations of cultured tissues in petri dishes. MI52-N can be used in scientific research institutes, universities, medical and health, inspection and quarantine, agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy industries.


     The MI52-N inverted microscope adopts an excellent infinity optical system, which can provide excellent optical performance. The ultra-long working distance condensing system can observe non-contaminated cultured cells on high petri dishes or cylindrical flasks. Its lighting system takes full account of heat dissipation. Its ergonomic design concept makes the operation convenient and the space wider. The imaging is clear and the field of view is large, which is convenient for cell culture and observation.

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