Olympus Science Division cooperator visit MICRO-SHOT
release time:2020-08-12

On August 12, Minister Zhao Xin'an and his colleague from the headquarters of Olympus science and technology enterprise visited the Guangzhou headquarters of MCIRO-SHOT company to conduct business cooperation and exchanges with general manager Mr. David Zhang and others.


With more than 100 years of rich experience in optical, mechanical, electronic, digital and precision technology, Olympus has not only developed a series of high-quality microscope products, but also produced a lot of microscope OEM components, which is of great help to the integration of microscopic imaging system and can effectively shorten the product development cycle. As a solution provider of microscopic imaging products, Mingmei optoelectronics is very familiar with Olympus microscope components in project development and system integration, and has reached an annual cooperation agreement with Olympus. For better cooperation, Minister Zhao Xin'an, together with colleagues from Olympus sales department and Technology Department, came to Mingmei, and both sides used microscope OEM After a full exchange of business and technical matters, Mr. Zhao and his party visited the new site of MICRO-SHOT microscopic imaging engineering technology center to learn about the integrated microscopic imaging components, LED fluorescent accessories and high-power light sources developed by MICRO-SHOT.


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