American CDC Purchases MSHOT UV Fluorescent Illuminator
release time:2021-01-29

CDC is short name of ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’, as the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats. Their guiding principles for laboratory work are to ensure the safety of all staff and the community and be as transparent as possible about our work as they conduct high-quality scientific research to protect people in this country and around the world. 

Parasite biology is one of CDC laboratory project, target is reduce and prevent people from infected by parasites. Cyclospora cayetanensis, a coccidian protozoan. It appears that all human cases are caused by this species. Currently, the most practical diagnostic method consists of the identification of oocysts in stool specimens by light microscopy. It comes into being autofluorescence under UV light microscope.

Autofluorescence of an oocyst of Cyclospora under UV microscopy

Zeiss iLED is one the most best high efficiency fluorescence microscope. Its UV fluorescence illumination is using wavelength 385nm as max. efficiency excitation light. This design is mostly in order to match DAPI fluorescein, which is a common fluorescein apply to UV fluorescence microscopy working. 

While oocyst of Cyclospora is autofluorescence subject, it is little different with DAPI. CDC scientist takes into their working experience with cyclospora diagnostic, and using experience with laboratory microscopes, they think 365nm is more suitable for it. On the background of CDC's safety laboratory working principle, they need a good quality instrument in excellent safety. LED light source as Zeiss iLED is preferred. They contact MSHOT to consult LED fluorescence illumination, and plan to get a 365nm UV fluorescence illumination to try on Zeiss PrimoStar microscope comparing with Zeiss iLED. 

With one month testing, it confirms MSHOT UV LED fluorescence illumination is well fit Zeiss PrimoStar and better fit to cyclospora quick diagnostic. Now the whole system has been applied to South American diagnostic stations to improve their laboratory working efficiency.

MSHOT MF-UV-LED Fluorescence Illumination

Zeiss PrimoStar Microscope

MSHOT is expert in design and manufacture LED fluorescence illumination, can offer various wavelength as options and well fit to different brand microscopes provide safety and outstanding microscopy work. 

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