Tuberculosis sputum slide diagnostic solution of fluorescence microscope
release time:2021-01-29
TB diagnostic (Tuberculosis diagnose) is the foundation of discover, cure and manage phthisic. Take tuberculosis carrier’s sputum make a smear and observe under microscope is a main diagnostic method and quick at diagnosis site. Depends on observation and dye method, there are two observation ways.One is dye sputum with Ziehl-Neelsen and lighting throught bright field, this method is traditional applied more in basic clinical laboratories, because it is low sensitivity that can not found TB in real time, while cost is lower relatively. Another method is dye sputum with Auramine O fluorescein to make tuberculosis bacteria featured with bright fluorescence, observer can easily find out them through epi fluorescence illuminator.

Zeiss Primo Star iLED fluorescence microscope is the leader of that microscope, promoting it widely in the countries MOH which suffered by tuberculosis, it is a great contribution to the world. What’s more, Zeiss iLED developed an alternative technology for basic fluorescence microscope, the LED fluorescence, which taking use of LED lamp advantage as illuminator for fluorescence microscope.

Image from Zeiss company website

Comparing with conventional fluorescence microscope (mercury lamp as fluorescence illumination), LED fluorescence illumination has many advantages.
* LED lamp has 20,000 long working life
* No warm-up or cooling requirement of light source
* Stable, energy saving, no pollution from mercury and without ultraviolet radiation
* Easy to operate and no need of dark room
Micro-shot developed the LED fluorescence illuminator with its own brand microscope, and offer solution for other brands bright field microscope (Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss,etc) upgrading to LED fluorescence microscope.With 15 years development history on microimaging, Micro-shot has worked out two solutions for tuberculosis diagnosis with fluorescence microscope, separately for users who has existing bright field microscope and users want a new microscope but no budget for new Zeiss iLED.
Solution for user who has existing bright field microscope and want to upgrade it to LED fluorescence function for tuberculosis diagnostic.

Step 1.Check if the existing bright field microscope is infinity optical system
Yes - workable
No - does not work
Step 2.Confirm what brand and item of the microscope is. Currently below microscopes are workable.
Olympus CX22, CX23, CX31
Nikon E100, E200, Eclipse
Leica DM500, DM750
Zeiss PrimoStar
Sunny EX30
If your microscope is not included in above listed items, welcome consult with us.
Step 3. Contact with Mshot company to get the LED fluorescence illuminator MF-RB-LED

Mshot item no.

LED lamp color

Excitation wavelength

Dichroic mirror wavelength

Emission filter wavelength


Royal blue





                                              Olympus                                Nikon                                               Leica                                              Zeiss

Step 4. Choose suitable objectives according to smear slide and zoom requirement
Smear slide with cover slip - no need to change
Smear slide without cover slip (most tuberculosis diagnosis smear slide does not have cover slip) - change objective 20X and 40X to non-cover slip type
If you do not have the matched objectives, welcome to ask help with us.
Step 5. Install the MF-RB-LED fluorescence illuminator to the microscope : Take off microscope head - put on the illuminator to microscope host - put microscope back above on the illuminator and fix with screw.


Olympus CX31 microscope with MF-RB-LED illuminator takes sample image of tuberculosis

Solution for user want a new microscope but no budget for new Zeiss iLED.
Contact with us to get quotation of Mshot LED fluorescence microscope MF31. It offers epi fluorescence observation and bright field observation in transmitted light, objectives in 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X with oil.
Mshot LED fluorescence microscope MF31

Epi fluorescence - Tuberculosis Auramin O dye  
Bright field - Tuberculosis Ziehl-Neelsen Gram under 40X objective

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