LED fluorescence microscope for Indirect Immunofluorescence
release time:2021-01-29

Immunfluorescence and cell image technique uses antibody labelled fluorescence dyes (also called fluorescein) to target antigen, the common used fluorescein dyes has FITC, GFP, TRITC, PI, DAPI and so on. Based on use of the that chemical method, the antibodies labelled with fluorescein is common used at immunofluorescence laboratory work.

Through fluorescence microscope, fluorescence dyes makes lab researchers can observe its sample through distribution of labelled targets. As a common laboratory technique, the immunofluorescence separates to direct and indirect two classes depends on using single or two antibodies, the technique is widely applied to various of biological applications including evaluation of cells.

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Since fluorescence dye reflected high energy light when subjected to short-wavelength, we can read its signal with using matched wavelength light source to excite it. LED lamp is well meet the requirements, nowadays electronic engineer is good at design electronic bard to control work of the LED lamps. Combine the LED technique to optical microscope, we can a new fluorescence microscope, which is normally called LED fluorescence microscope. Zeiss (iLED for Tuberculosis) and Euroimmun (EUROStar III Plus)  has its own LED fluorescence microscope for immunofluorescence solution.

As an innovative microscope company, Mshot has long investment on the LED fluorescence technology, the company located at Guangdong China, which is the biggest LED lamp manufacture center in the world. Till now, Mshot has launched its 4th LED fluorescence microscope since they started to sales the first generation product from years of 2015. The microscope is reliable to immunofluorescence and diagnostics.


Mshot LED fluorescence microscope MF31

The Mshot LED fluorescence microscope supports bright field and fluorescence, and flexible upgrade to dark field and phase contrast.

* Light intensity well controlled, both transmitted light for bright field and epi fluorescence illumination are LEDs。

* Different modes compatible to common use indirect immunofluorescence including GFP, FITC, TRITC, TexasRed, Auramine O and DAPI.

* Modular design of the LED fluorescence illumination, integrates filters and light source in one unit, just one stop to fix or take off the illumination, however does not influence working of the microscope.

* Sweet design of light baffle to avoid eyes from strong light and UV.

* Image in eyepiece and through camera to computer is the most close to each other, through a high quality 0.5X adapter and 1/1.8” digital camera.

* Start and close the microscope at any time, low thermal, safety and sufficient for laboratory working, especially do not need to replace halogen or mercury lamp, which working life is limited.


Mshot LED fluorescence microscope installation at customer site

What is more, the LED fluorescence illumination can be designed to install on other common use brands microscope, such as Olympu, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Motic and Sunny. It is cost-sufficient for lab to upgrade existed biological microscope.


Mshot LED fluorescence illumination (attachment)

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