Application of stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX81 in fluorescence observation of mice
release time:2021-01-29

In order to research new drugs, customers need to make drug labeling on adult mice, see the fluorescent protein of mice, and need quantitative detection, full field photography to record the research process. Mingmei Sales Engineer suggested that the stereoscopic fluorescence microscope MZX81 be used to observe, which can better meet customers' needs and achieve the expected observation effect.


MSHOT stereo fluorescence microscope MZX81 adopts Galileo optical system with two independent parallel beams and no difference between left and right light paths, which can greatly improve the visibility of images and ensure excellent optical performance and high modular system. With a large zoom ratio and a 2x flat field achromatic objective (2x optional), a zoom magnification range of 8 times to 56 times can be achieved, and a specimen with a diameter of 28.00 mm can be observed. It is an ideal tool for in vivo imaging of animals, classification of Drosophila, screening of fluorescent larvae and anesthetized adults, identification and screening of nematode individuals, and identification and observation of zebrafish, mouse and chicken embryos.

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