Back-illuminated Cooling Mono camera MSH12-BI
Back-illuminated scientific grade sCMOS camera MSH12-BI

MSH12-BI is a high sensitivity camera with back illuminating technology, it achieves the most possibility to detect signal, keep high frame rate and wide dynamic rang. Big size 1.2 inch sensor offers wider field of view and and better quality image. This camera is good to use for life science and material analysis, such as weak light imaging, fluorescence imaging, spectral imaging and so on.

Monochrome camera with super QE

Monochrome camera has higer quantum efficiency (EQ) and popular to fluorescence microscopy imaging. QE is the probability of photons converted into photoelectrons at a certain wavelength, which is related to the wavelength. The quantum efficiency of MSH12-BI back illuminated scientific research camera, has been greatly improved, QE has reached 95% at the wavelength of 560nm.

Back illuminated technology CMOS sensor

In the traditional sensor with front illumination structure, the photosensitive diode is located behind the circuit transistor, so the light input will be affected due to shielding, and the photosensitivity will be reduced and the photosensitivity will be weak. MSH12-BI adopts back illuminated CMOS, and the sensor with back illuminated structure moves the photosensitive layer above the conductive layer, which changes the traditional structure. The whole photosensitive layer is more sensitive to the incident light, and achieves better brightness, noise control and sensitivity.

1.2 inch provides wider field of view

The 1.2 inch large chip has larger photosensitive area and better imaging effect, which brings a larger field of vision for the observer and provides a more direct full field observation effect.

Item MSH12-BI
Type Monochrome
Effective megapixels 4.2 megapixels
Sensor size 1.2inch
Pixel size 6.5 μm × 6.5 μm
Resolution and frame rate 2048 × 2048 22fps
2048 x 1500 29fps
Any size of ROI
Scanning mode Progress scan/Continuous output
Shutter type Electronic rolling shutter
Exposure time 22μs  120s
Effective gain 116X
Exposure response 200nm  1100nm
A/D converter 12Bit
Cooling mode Peltier cooling mode, lower than room temperature 15°C
Exposure function Manual exposure / Auto exposure / Zone exposure
Image format TIF, BMP,JPG,RAW
Image cache 128MB
Trigger mode Software trigger
Software data DirectShow / TWAIN
Operating system Windows XP 32Bit, Windows 7/8/10 32/64Bit
Data port USB3.0 B type port5Gbps
Camera port Standard C mount
Power supply USB 5V electrical supply
Working temperature Working temperature050℃Working humidity10%85%RH
Size 113.2 x 105 x 92.6 mm

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