Microscope camera used to observe white blood cell
release time:2020-05-27

Olympus biological microscope CX31 and USB3.0 camera MD50-T purchased by customers is mainly used for observation and recording of white blood cells and lymphocytes. Our engineers demonstrated and installed it on site, and the effect was remarkable, which was recognized on the spot. Through the microscope, microscope camera, microscope interface to obtain the microscopic image effect of white blood cells and lymphocytes, users can easily analyze and judge through the computer screen, liberate the eyes from the high-intensity microscopic examination, greatly reduce the labor intensity, and at the same time, it is convenient for information storage and sharing.

White blood cells, commonly known as white blood cells, are very important blood cells in human blood. Leukocytes take on many important tasks in the human body. They can phagocytize foreign bodies and produce antibodies. They have the ability to heal injuries, resist the invasion of pathogens, and have immune resistance to diseases. Human body is not timely, often through significant changes in the number of white blood cells and show. 

Sample images

4血液中的白细胞观察的重要工具—广州明美自主研发的显微镜相机MD50.jpg          3血液中的白细胞观察的重要工具—广州明美自主研发的显微镜相机MD50.jpg

2血液中的白细胞观察的重要工具—广州明美自主研发的显微镜相机MD50.jpg           1血液中的白细胞观察的重要工具—广州明美自主研发的显微镜相机MD50.jpg

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