Observation of live cell with heating stage and digital inverted fluorescence microscope
release time:2020-05-27

MSHOT independently researched and developed research-level inverted fluorescence microscope MF53-N + research-level cooling camera MSX2-C + transparent thermal plate with heating stage, entered Guangxi University to help the research field of living cells. According to the market demand, Guangzhou Mingmei invested a lot of R & D efforts, and spent two years to independently develop a new transparent thermal stage, which has the characteristics of high cost performance and high practicability. The constant temperature effect of transparent thermal stage was excellent in the observation of some living cells and temperature sensitive organisms, there is no need to worry about the inconvenience of observation and research caused by the death of cells or organisms due to external factors. The high reduction camera MSX2-C sampling makes the acquisition of living cells easier and greatly promotes the research process.

For the observation of microorganisms, cells, bacteria, tissue culture, suspension and sediment, fluorescence microscope has become one of the indispensable research tools. The application of biological microscope hot stage can continuously observe the propagation and division process of cells and bacteria in the culture medium. MSHOT self-developed transparent heating station can be customized according to the actual needs, which can better meet the needs of customers, provide a more comfortable environment for the observed samples, and also provide more abundant observation time and observation methods for the observers.


倒置荧光显微镜MF53.jpg 2倒置荧光显微镜MF53.jpg 3倒置荧光显微镜MF53.jpg

Sample images

倒置荧光显微镜MF53拍摄图1.jpg 倒置荧光显微镜MF53拍摄图2.jpg 倒置荧光显微镜MF53拍摄图3.jpg

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