Polarizing microscope observed new material and detection of structural defects
release time:2020-05-27

The Composite Materials Research Institute of a well-known university, aiming at the important problem of defect detection of new materials, joined with MSHOT to promote the development of new materials. The new material research process needs to constantly demonstrate whether there are any defects in its structure. It is necessary to detect defects through various means or methods, and adjust the structure in the study of new material production to meet the requirements of its research. Polarizing microscope plays an important role in defect detection of new materials. Our sales engineers recommend MP41 professional polarizing microscope and 21.0MP high resolution camera MSX11 to detect new materials. MSX11 uses a large target chip, and its excellent functions such as 21 megapixesl high resolution, high contrast and accurate color restoration have won the attention of researchers in the field. The effect of image collection has been constantly appreciated.

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