Olympus BX53 with MSX11 microscope camera used in the detection of cosmetic raw materials
release time:2020-05-27

Emulsion is widely used in liquid, emulsion and cream cosmetics. It can transfer almost all kinds of active ingredients, and also widely used in food, medicine and chemical industry. In cosmetic emulsification system, there are two different (water) molecular structures, namely "water in oil" type and "oil in water" type. Water in oil (w / O) emulsification system is one of the commonly used formulations for personal care products and cosmetics. It provides a new way for personal care products and cosmetics manufacturers to prepare emulsification products in line with the "green" and "natural" market trend.



Chengzhi trade is a company that produces and manages daily chemical raw materials. For many years, the quality control of cosmetic raw materials has been an outsourcing test. Because of the small number of liposomes to be observed and the limited success rate of emulsification, it is difficult to observe and detect them. Recently, our sales engineer recommended Olympus research-level microscope BX53 and MSHOT microscope camera MSX11 to observe liposomes in emulsion system. Its excellent imaging effect makes the state of water in oil in liposome complete, and it is recognized by customers immediately.


MSHOT microscope camera MSX11 is a research-level digital camera with large target area and high-performance imaging chip. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high contrast and accurate color restoration. It is the best choice to show the details of samples. In addition, it also performs well in polarizing, DIC imaging and other fields. It also complements each other when it is used with the simple polarizing function of BXX53 microscope to observe the crystals in cosmetic raw materials.

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