Shape eyes under an inverted fluorescence microscope
release time:2021-12-02

 Sharp eyes under an inverted fluorescence microscope

In the ever-changing inspection industry with artificial intelligence, there is such a group of people, with a microscope and a pair of eyes, they can gain insight into the microcosm and help clinical diagnosis and treatment.


Dealing with cell morphology is a very boring task. It is common to sit for a few hours in front of a microscope, but it is also difficult to resist the excitement of providing important diagnostic evidence to the clinic through cell morphology.


As a provider of microscopic imaging solutions, Micro-shot company is honored to participate and witness this great and sacred moment. The instrument used in this experiment is the MSHOT inverted fluorescence microscope MF52-N, which is composed of an LED epi-fluorescence microscope system and an inverted biological microscope system. It adopts an excellent infinity optical system, equipped with a long working distance plan objective lens and a wide field eyepiece . The compact and stable high-rigidity main body fully embodies the anti-vibration requirements of micromanipulation. The epi-fluorescence microscopy system adopts a modular design concept, which can quickly adjust the lighting system and switch fluorescent filter components. The product can be used for microscopic observation of cell tissues and transparent liquid tissues, as well as fluorescence microscopic observation in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical testing, disease prevention, etc.



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