MSHOT biological microscope facilitates the observation of bacterial samples
release time:2021-12-02

MSHOT biological microscope facilitates the observation of bacterial samples

Generally, what people call bacteria is a type of prokaryotic microorganisms, a type of prokaryotic organisms that are thin and short in shape, simple in structure, and mostly reproduce in the way of two divisions. Bacteria are common organisms in nature and are the main participants in the material cycle of nature.

In terms of plant protection, biological microscopes are often used to observe and analyze them.



MSHOT biological microscope ML31 is a common equipment used in the field of plant diseases and insect pests. The ML31 biological microscope has an infinity optical system, which can realize bright-field, dark-field, and phase contrast multifunctional microscopic observations. With a fluorescent illuminator, it can also realize fluorescence observation. The built-in mechanical mobile platform, the size of the platform is 210*140mm, and the moving range is 76*50mm, which can move or adjust the position of the bacterial sample flexibly. Equipped with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x high-contrast plan achromatic objectives, 10x field of view 22mm wide field of view high eye-point eyepieces, making the overall magnification of the microscope between 40x and 1000x. Moreover, the MS60 type microscopic imaging system selected by the customer can switch between the human eye or the screen in real time, and has both shooting and video recording functions.



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