Microscope adapters
C-mount adapters of microscope photo tube

The digital camera C-mount adapters made by Micro-shot company are combination of innovative craftsmanship and precise optical technology. Our adapters covers microscopes of Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss.

In addition to the common 1X interface, the C-mount adapter can be selected from 0.35X, 0.5X, 0.63X and 0.75X. The choice of adapter is related to an important parameter of microscope field of view. The number of field of view (FN) is the diameter (mm) of the field of view that can be observed through the eyepiece. The diameter of the circular area that can be observed under the microscope is called the actual field of view.

C-mount adapter of eyepiece

Eyepiece adapter is uesd to insert in eyepiece to connect camera for photographing, it usually needed by binocular microscope. MSHOT eyepiece adapter is consist of 0.5X C-mount adapter, one set of diameter 23.5mm ring tube and another set of diameter 30mm ring tube. The package is universal for entry level biological microscope and stereo microscope.

Relationship with sensor of camera

Adapter actual field of view (mm) = Camera sensor diagonal / adapter magnification

For example: 2 / 3 INCH sensor, TV0.5XC adapter, adapter actual field of view (mm) = 11mm / 0.5x = 22mm

Diagonal of sensor:

1 inch - the target surface is 12.7mm wide * 9.6mm high and 16mm diagonal.

2 / 3 inch - the target surface is 8.8 mm wide * 6.6 mm high and 11 mm diagonal.

1 / 2 inch - the target surface is 6.4mm wide * 4.8mm high and 8mm diagonal.

1 / 3 inch - target size is 4.8 mm wide * 3.6 mm high and 6 mm diagonal.

1 / 4 inch - the target surface is 3.2mm wide * 2.4mm high and 4mm diagonal.

C-mount adapters & accessories
Item Main Description
TV1XC-MO Olympus 1X C-mount Adapter  (Diameter: 42mm)
TV0.5XC-MO   Olympus 0.5X C-mount Adapter  (Diameter: 42mm)
TV0.75XC-MO Olympus 0.75X C-mount Adapter  (Diameter: 42mm)
M-TTV Nikon TV tube with ring

 Ring for Nikon TV tube
TV1XC-MN  Nikon 1X C-mountAdapter (Diameter: 36mm)
TV0.5XC-MN Nikon 0.5X C-mountAdapter (Diameter: 36mm)
TV0.75XC-MN Nikon 0.75X C-mount Adapter
TV1XC-TS100 Nikon 1X C-mount adapter for Nikon TS100
TV0.5XC-TS100 Nikon 0.5X C-mount Adapter for Nikon TS100
TV1XC-ML  Leica 1X C-mountAdapter (Diameter: 30mm)
TV0.5XC-ML  Leica 0.5X C-mountAdapter  (Diameter: 30mm)
TV1XC-MZ Zeiss 1X C-mountAdapter (Diameter: 34mm)
TV0.5XC-MZ Zeiss Axio 0.5X C-mount Adapter for Axio  (Diameter: 34mm)
TV0.5XC-PS Zeiss PrimoStar 0.5X C-mountAdapter (Diameter: 34mm)
TV1XC-MA Zeiss MA 1X C-mount adapter
TV0.5XC-MA Zeiss MA 0.5X C-mount adapter for Axiostar
TV1XC-EP1   1x biological eyepiece adapter   (Diameter: 23.5mm)
TV1XC-EP2   1x stereo eyepiece adapter  (Diameter: 30mm)
TV0.5XC-EP1   0.5x biological eyepiece adapter  (Diameter: 23.5mm)

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