New product launch | Research grade inverted fluorescence microscope MF53-N & Metallographic mic
release time:2020-06-07

On May 29, a new round of new product launch of Mingmei Optoelectronics in 2020 was held in Guangzhou headquarters. The conference was hosted by the marketing department, and the technology department gave lectures and practiced the new products. Engineers and responsible persons from various departments of the company witnessed the grand launch on the spot. At the same time, sales colleagues from all over the country can also pay real-time attention to the status of the launch through live webcast!



Scientific-grade inverted fluorescence microscope MF53-N


Research grade inverted fluorescence microscope MF53-N is equipment with with a large field of view eyepiece and a new binocular lens tube, 10x / 23 (optional 10x / 25), and 4x / 10x / 20x / 40x high transmittance semi complex fluorescent objective; secondly, the new optimization of the optical path, completely solve the problem of the old version of halo yellow edge; thirdly, the bright field adopts warm white temperature led, linear improvement, greatly improving the comfort of the human eye. The fluorescent light source is upgraded to wide spectrum high-power LED light source (PS: the light source can also adapt to four international brands of microscopes!) The spectral wavelength range is 350-760nm, with fast response and long lifetime.



Performance image comparison (left is New MF53-N, right is Old MF53)

Routine metallurgical microscope MJ31

Metallurgical microscope MJ31

Metallographic microscope mj31, mainly used in semiconductor, FPD, circuit board, metal materials, precision tools and other manufacturing fields, especially suitable for teaching and research purposes.

Equipped with a large field of view eyepiece, the number of field of view can reach 22mm, which makes observation more flat and comfortable, and the 5x / 10x / 20 / 50 flat field objective with long working distance can obtain high-definition and high contrast imaging effect. In addition, the microscope is also equipped with polarizing accessories, which can realize polarizing observation. 

Remote demonstration


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