Mshot fluorescence microscope for reagent FISH detection
release time:2022-08-02

Currently in China, FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization products are mainly used in three major fields: solid tumors, blood diseases and prenatal/abortion diagnosis. Solid tumors and blood diseases are often detected by FISH in hospitals, and some probes related to targeted drug therapy, such as breast cancer HER-2, are observed. Prenatal/abortion diagnosis is mainly inferred from abnormal number or structure of chromosomes. This time, a company in Beijing needs a fluorescence microscope to test the reagent FISH samples.


Scientific research-grade fluorescence microscope MF43-N

Our sales engineer in the Beijing area recommended the scientific research-grade fluorescence microscope MF43-N to the customer. It adopts an excellent infinity optical system and the design of a 6-hole turntable fluorescence module. The replacement and removal of the fluorescence excitation block is very convenient. Users can independently replace the desired fluorescence excitation block according to their needs.


Solution for FISH fluorescence microscope

This complete solution for FISH fluorescence microscope includes imaging software and cameras. The operation is simple, the imaging effect is clear, the detection is fast, and the results can be obtained within 24 hours. The results are easy to observe, with good repeatability and accurate spatial positioning. Abundant specimen sources: interphase cells, metaphase cells, differentiated or undifferentiated cells, and dead or viable cells can be detected.

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