Fluorescence microscope equivalent to Olympus BX MF43-N(LED)
release time:2022-01-11

MF43-N(LED) fluorescence microscope is an alternative solution for Olympus BX43 fluorescence microscope. It is consist of Olympus BX43 microscope body and LED fluorescence attachment. The microscope offers equivalent optical performance as Olympus BX43 with better cost and easier operation. Offering cost effective solution to users whom wish use scientific grade Olympus and equivalent microscope but lower budget. It is good to use at university labs, clinical centers, medical industry and other biological institutes.


More of the microscope body introduction please click MF43-N

More of the LED fluorescence attachment please click MF-BGU-LED


Bright field obsearvation

Fluorescence observation of blue, green and red three channels

Light intensity management of transmitted lighting

Show and remember each channel fluorescence light intensity


Plan semi-achromatic Fluor objectives offers high clarity view of fluorescence and bright field .

Wide field of view 25mm eyepiece and FN 26.5mm objective.

Light intensiy management system to remember each objective suitable light intensity.

LED light source for epi-fluorescence illuminating.

Digital screen shows and remember different channels fluorescence light intensity.


Use research microscope Olympus BX with lower price.

Easy and safety lab working with LED light source.

Long working life over 10,000 hours, no need exchange bulb.

Instant on-off to use without requirements of much using experience

Over 13% wider field of view than common microscope.

Specification sheet

Microscope frame Optical system Universal Infinity-corrected achromat optical system
Structure Original from international famous brand microscope
Observation Super widefield trinocular head
Wide field eyepiece 10X, FN25,diopter is adjustable
Revolving nosepiece Interchangeable reversed quintuple nosepiece
Objectives Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 4X/0.13 ;WD:17.15mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 10X/0.3 ;WD:7.68mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 40X/0.75 ;WD:0.78mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 100XO/1.30 ;WD:0.15mm
Optional objectives Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 20X/0.50
Plan Fluor 4X/10X/20X/40X/100X Oil
Epi-fluorescence illumination system Cold LED light source
Blue, Green and UV filters
Digital screen shows and remember each channel fluorescence light intensity
12V 2A ouput power
Filter units Wavelength
UV EX:330-380nm,DM>400nm,EM>420nm
Blue EX:475/40nm,DM>505nm,EM:535/45nm
Green EX:525/45nm,DM>560nm,EM>590nm
Optional fluorescence filters Royal blue: EX:420-480nm, DM>500nm, EM>510nm
Yellow: EX560/40nm, DM>600nm, EM635/60nm
Violet: EX400/40nm, DM>430nm, EM>460nm
Stage Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips available
Travel distance 80mm×50mm, 1mm per scale, accuracy 0.1mm
Focus 25 mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse adjustment
knobs, stage mounting position variable, minimum adjustment gradations: 1 µm
Transmitted illumination system Warm white LED lamp, brightness is continuously adjustable
Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.1
Power line According to user’s country electrical requirement
Screw driver M3.0 hexagon screw driver
Accessories Immersion oil
Dust cover MSHOT special dust cover
Optional adapters 1X/0.5X/0.75X C-mount adapter

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