MSHOT microscope assists undergraduate experiment teaching at South China Agricultural University
release time:2021-12-02

MSHOT microscope assists undergraduate experiment teaching at South China Agricultural University

The small world in the laboratory The big world under the microscope. Real knowledge comes from practice, and a small microscope can reflect the millions of changes in the world. Recently, nearly 50 sets of MSHOT microscope projects were successfully delivered to South China Agricultural University for undergraduate laboratory teaching.



MSHOT biological microscope ML11 and stereo microscope MZ62 are suitable for daily work in teaching and laboratories, and are used for microscopic observation and imaging of samples in the fields of histology, cell biology, botany, food microbiology, etc.






Easy to use, sturdy and durable, plug and play, allowing students and laboratory staff to spend more time exploring the micro world or focusing on experimental research.




Using infinity optical system, it can realize bright field, dark field, and phase contrast multi-function microscopic observation to meet different microscopic imaging requirements. In addition, if you add another fluorescence module, you can upgrade the MSHOT biological microscope to an LED fluorescence microscope.


Microscopes play a pivotal role in scientific research and teaching. Whether it is to stimulate interest or solve problems, it is inseparable from the microscope.


Company MICRO-SHOT is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and sales of microscopic imaging products. It is a director unit of the Optical Branch of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association and a manufacturer and operator of medical equipment microscopes.


The company has always insisted on honest management, dedicated service, and provided microscopic imaging solutions. Provide stable products and services for our customers in education, scientific research, medicine, and industrial testing.


If you are interested in MSHOT microscopy imaging solutions, welcome to contact us, thank you!

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